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"Thank you again for such a great hunt and NZ experience.  Both Morissa and I really enjoyed our time with you, Kim and the kids.  Kirk is a top notch guide and one of the best I have hunted with.  Hard worker and a pleasure to be around.  I felt like I was hunting with one of my buddies who let me shoot all the animals."


"I have attached a few pictures.  Let me know if you want any other photos.  I am planning to come for SCI this year and bring my little brother.  Have a great rest of the season and keep in touch."

David & Morissa Douglas

2016 season  (Archery hunt)

I wanted to take a moment and tell you thank you again for the amazing trip you provided for our group! It was truly a trip of a lifetime that we cannot wait to repeat! I attached a few pictures of my trophies and would love to send more if you want some for advertising. I have gotten a ton of inquiries from our trip for future clients- I absolutely will do my best to throw them your direction in hopes they too get to experience the best hunting vacation we have ever been on. Your attention to detail is unmatched by any hunting lodge we have ever been to. Kindahl & I are looking forward to seeing you at SCI in 2017!!!


Thank you again  - Tim & Kindal Freeman

2016 Season

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed getting to know you and how much my wife appreciated Kimberly. You guys are very special people to us and if you ever need anything we are just a call away. The guides and hunting experience you provided was nothing short of fantastic and I enjoyed every minute of the hunt. Please tell your guides and lodge staff thank you for the great time and please tell “Rocky” I miss him.


Your Friend…I mean thanks Mate

Jerry & Monica Hatcher

2016 Season

Last night wasn't the same without you and the lodge crew! We wondered over (a good, but not "Lodge quality") dinner if David got his tahr yet...if Rocky was stealing appetizers...if the gals had homework...if the tooth fairy was adding interest to last night's gift...etc. We did know the lodge wine had a chance to exist by morning, though :)  

We are slowly coming down off our holiday high as we sit in the Sydney airport waiting our 15.5hr flight. Thank you again for an incredible time in NZ, it was a thrill all around. Here are some photos from our phones and will get you some additional ones from our camera this week! I had to compress them to get into one email, but if you need any in hi-res, just let me know and I'm happy to send them to you! 


Many thanks again for such a wonderful week of impeccable hospitality and an epic hunting adventure!  


Cheers and talk soon,

Mindy & Kevin Perry

2016 Season

I have hunted many places and I can honestly say, there are very few hunting experiences like Tahr hunting on foot with the Fraser Safari clan. The scenery, vast country and post harvest celebration are all epic!

Jim Massey (Archery hunt)


"An amazing area for free range Tahr.  Hunted 6 days on the mountains for Tahr and was able to take 3 trophy Tahr.  Hunted 1 day for estate Red deer with my wife accompanying me (390 SCI).  Exceptional scenic area with abundant game and spectacular new lodge"


"Toby was an all-round excellent guide.  Not only very hunt knowledgeable but also with a great personality. No pressure to to take a particular animal, we made several Tahr stalks and then decided to look for something nicer"


"Fraser Safaris run a very client focused operation.  Great place for families and wives. Spectacular new lodge. They provided several side trips & activities for my wife. I have hunted internationally, but this experience is at the top of the list!  An excellent all around hunt.  Fraser Safaris delivered what they promised"


James S Davis


"I cannot say enough about Fraser Safaris & staff as to how they run a first class outfit at Woodbury Safari Lodge.  Everything was five star and very professional.  Meals were awesome, guides were more than willing to do anything and go anywhere and the great hospitality was unheard of.  Rooms were very spacious and clean.  If you are looking to travel to New Zealand for a hunt - this would be the first place we would recommend"    


 Dave & Joanne, Canada 























Lindsay, Kim, & Family,

My family and I would like to thank all of you for a great hunt. Honestly it was the best hunt we have ever been on. You all made us feel welcome with your great family atmosphere and your world class lodge was amazing. 

The "on foot "Tahr hunt with Jono was great. It was a long stalk through the snowy mountains but  in the end I was rewarded with a SCI gold medal Tahr with a beautiful full mane.  The red stag hunt lived up to both Emily and Amanda's dreams of hunting stag in New Zealand . From Emily and Jono sneaking in and taking her stag at close range too Amanda's fun stalk that ended with her taking her stag as it cleared the brush and tried to sneak away. 

Lindsay, you, Jono, and Logan all worked hard to make that the stag hunt a success. The sheep, possum, wallaby, pig and duck hunting made the experience even more special. 

Please use us as a reference for any one or any family that is interested in hunting with your company. We are all hoping to hunt with you again next June. Until them take care and safe hunting to all.


Rodney, Dawn, Amanda, & Emily Perreira

Emily Perreira receiving the 2016 SCI Young hunter of the Year Award
at the SCI Convention Thursday night dinner

Lindsay & Kim Fraser

Owner of Fraser Safaris NZ / Woodbury Safari Lodge