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You have the choice of bringing your own rifle to hunt with or use one of our lodge rifles.


Application to import a sporting firearm into New Zealand is now completed through a simple online process with the New Zealand Police and costs $25 on entry to NZ.


New Zealand welcomes hunters coming into New Zealand with their own sporting firearms.  A couple of points to remember - handguns are not legal for hunting in NZ, so do not consider bringing one with you.  Military type rifles can be imported (subject to certain conditions), let us know if you want to bring in an AR15 type for up to date information.  Also prior to leaving your home country with your firearm, get the paperwork required to show that you own the weapon on returning.


If you are going on tour in New Zealand before or after your hunt, we can store your guns for you (if your tour itinerary allows).


NOTE: we do not recommend bringing a firearm if you are visiting other countries (eg Australia & Pacific Islands) as part of hunting with us in New Zealand.  We have a large selection of excellent bolt action rifles with quality optics available for rent.  Also most of our rifles are fitted with silencer cans, which reduces recoil and helps when hunting as the sound signature is confusing to animals.


ARCHERY EQUIPMENT - make sure you declare this equipment, along with knives, hunting boots etc upon entry to NZ.  Bows do not require an import permit but arrows etc. may be inspected by the Border Biosecurity team for blood, dirt etc.








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