Our Original hunt and still the best....

"Tahr hunting on foot is what we do and we do it better than anyone".


Many hunters coming to New Zealand are told that the only successful way to hunt Tahr is with the assistance of a helicopter. This is simply not true.  Another common situation is for some outfitters & lodges to say that they hunt Tahr on foot - then when you arrive you are told that paying for a helicopter is the only way you will get a Tahr during your hunt. We like helicopters and use them every season, but a foot Tahr hunt is one of the best hunts you can do in New Zealand - so think about doing it with us.


We take great pride in being able to say that we offer a world class private land (32,000 acre ranch) Tahr foot hunt, that is available to all ages and physical ability, due to the excellent roading on the property. During the hunt we spend alot of time judging the trophy bulls we find, for both age & horn length /mass & big trophy skin. Our annual rolling average is currently 12 6/8 inch horns and 8 1/2 years old.  Each season we take Tahr around the magic 14 inches and the last couple of seasons we have seen bulls likely over 15 inches that have always managed to elude us.


Our annual quota is 50 bull Tahr, so for groups booking out Woodbury Safari Lodge, providing a quality trophy Tahr hunt for everyone is not a problem. Another advantage we offer is that we are able to find big trophy Bulls early traditional hunting season (mid-February through April).  

*THIS HUNT IS AVAILABLE ALL YEAR (no annual hunting season)


Most hunters can get their trophy bull Tahr in one or two days of hunting and often say that this was the most satisfying hunt experience they have had.

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