Trophy Export/Expedite

All trophies are shipped via air freight to you after your hunt (we do not offer taking trophies home with you on your flight).   


Unmounted trophies (antlers/horns, capes & skins) are prepared for export at the "export approved" facility of Southward Taxidermy.  This ensures that your trophies have professional care until your crate is handed over to our freight company at Christchurch Airport (30-60 days after your hunt is over, depending on weather).


During your hunt, we field cape your trophies to your specifications (i.e. shoulder mount, life-size etc.), double tag and freeze the trophy in our walk-in freezer room. After your hunt, Tyron Southward Taxidermy will complete head skinning, fleshing, salting, skull boiling, skin drying, packing in custom export certified wood crate and export documentation. You can also choose to have your trophies mounted in New Zealand by Southward Taxidermy.


Upon completion of the trophy export preparation work, the Southward Taxidermy office will be in contact you with an invoice for the work, pre-paid freight cost and confirmed shipping details.


You need to provide us with the following info at the end of your hunt:


  • List of your trophies and skinning instructions (we provide the form to fill out)

  • Your passport number (US import requirement)

  • Trophy crate shipping address

  • Port of Entry for US Fish & Wildlife, US Customs, USDA clearance or Canadian equivalent

  • Broker info

  • USDA approved establishment for receiving the trophy crate (new USDA requirement, not required for Canada)


Your US/Canadian taxidermist will be able to advise you on this information.  European hunters have a different import/export process that we will advise on at the time of booking your hunt.


New Zealand has no wildlife diseases or animals under CITIES protection, so importing hunting trophies from New Zealand is a straightforward process, but be organized with your import clearance to prevent storage costs on arrival to your Port of Entry in your home country.